Refund Policy

At Noble Trademark, we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. In the event of any double charges resulting from processing errors, failure to meet your specific design requirements, or inability to fulfill your design order within the stipulated delivery policy, a full refund of your entire design order amount will be promptly processed.

Should you encounter any dissatisfaction with the design services provided by Noble Trademark, you have the option to submit a refund request within five days of the completion of your initial designs. However, if a refund request is not received within this five-day window, it will be assumed that you are content with the initial designs. The same refund policy applies to Special/Combo packages as it does to single packages.

Refunds will be processed according to the following guidelines:

If a refund request is made before the delivery of the order, you will be eligible for a Full Refund.

If a refund request is submitted within 48 hours, you will be eligible for a 66% refund.

If a refund request is made between 48-120 hours after the initial design delivery, you will be eligible for a 33% refund.

No refund requests will be entertained beyond 120 hours of the initial design delivery. However, we value your satisfaction and encourage you to reach out to us for any concerns.

All refund requests should be communicated to our support department. Please note that Noble Trademark, in accordance with your user agreement, reserves the right to approve or disapprove refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

How to Claim Your Refund

To ensure the approval of your refund request, kindly adhere to the following requirements:

Contact us to initiate your refund request, specifying your concern.

We will promptly address your concern through our revision policy, and if not resolved, our refund department will notify you of the approval of your refund request via email.

Upon the completion of the refund process, all design rights will be transferred to Noble Trademark. As a result:

You agree not to use any response, content, work product, or media provided by the company in any manner.

You acknowledge that you have no ownership interest or right, direct or indirect, to use the designs in any way.

Noble Trademark, in cooperation with Government Copyright Agencies, will share Copyright Acquisition information for refunded designs to prevent their reuse as original designs in the future.

If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our Refund Policy, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here.